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    Gluon 6:12
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    Here and Now and Then and There*demo

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Songs so sweet, simple or stupid they sing themselves

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Pushing 'No Soy Nada' to August  

The songs are refining with such strength that we want to ensure that we release the best from here forward. 
12 songs that span from 2005 to today.

We will start putting on performances soon and perhaps consistently. Stay tuned for further details.

Lots to update. nothingaire 

Lots to share but not much to reveal. Timing isn't right nor is any project firm save for the songs. There is will polishing and working songs to their best representation. The order and “album” title, etc may change and morph…

Progress in reverse 

A whole lot of promise so little follow through. I know I'm a terrible person but you can confirm if you like. It's been a rough year/decade/lifetime. I'm not going to get autobiographical right now but some shit has hit the fan and delays are delaying shit.
I've decided not to do the N8 tribute and may just incorporate songs in to the Long Meander. It's all just a hobby with very few interested in assisting or listening. I'm looking to release about 22 songs next year and when they fail to attract any real interest I will take my own life. Dying in to obscurity.

August 19th is now just another day 

We were hoping to have the N8 Padley tribute release done by this date but life or in this case death gets in the way. As some of you may know Charles' younger bigger brother Dave passed away at the end of June. Although an expert at grief Charles still lost his mind. btw it was already lost, this just kicked further down the way. 
Still the world goes on and the preorders will be fulfilled once there are preorders to motivate us to complete a project. Until then, donate all your cash and some of your credit. Hell, take a home equity loan and give that shit directly to Media Oquirrh, we can use the funds much better than your next of kin.

Pushing The Long Meander back a couple months despite the threat to the Stock Market! 

Please accept our dear apologies for wrecking the economies of former ruling states but we do need the time to get our shit together as it is it's shit happening but damn what the plunging in to amazing scopes are occuring. Dear world economies we will recover together, build and rebuild, take and give, receive and service. Wait, love and let's get it on but not right now but give it some time….

Progress is progressing quite nicely 

We will be using this space to announce progress and events as they are happening.

As well as give all the various projects and their fans a space to comment.

Let us know what you are excited to see in 2023!

Antistyle Records Presents nothingaire's Gluon Quark

Media Oquirrh Studios Live Stream From Your Mama's Basement Not Mine

The long anticipated release of The Long Meander disguised as Gluon Quark the instrumental compliment to No Soy Nada. The Long Meander will evolve into something different one day...

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